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A message from LPSO Recruiting

There are various reasons why people choose law enforcement as a career.  Passion for serving the community, making a difference, and saving lives (to name a few) are part of our careers.  Sure, you’ll chase bad guys and girls, safeguard prisoners, collect evidence, and investigate crimes, but you’ll also problem solve, deter crime, train hard, and support your family and community.  Lafayette’s unique culture and atmosphere contributes to making policing in south Louisiana an experience like no other.

LPSO prides itself on being a model agency for public safety and building positive community relationships.  We are dedicated to recruiting and employing the most qualified and professional candidates.  You’ll train to be the best, by the best, with the best equipment.  Additionally, a career with us offers the chance of gaining a family of brothers and sisters in blue and a lifetime of experiences and camaraderie that no other profession can provide.

In addition to job fairs, community events, and other recruiting efforts, we are available to answer any questions you may have.  Give us a call to get started and find out why we are more than a badge.  You’ll be glad you did!

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